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All inmates of the hostel should get acquainted with these rules and regulations and Observe them strictly.

1. Any information and instruction for the students will be displayed on hostel notice board. Students are expected to look for such notices daily, read them carefully and take appropriate action.

2. Inmates of the hostel should be responsible for their own belongings. Money and other valuable items should be kept under lock and key.

3. Hostel rooms and their premises have to be kept clean and tidy always.

4. Visitors: Visitors are allowed only when students are not on duty on Sundays between 9 A.M and 5 PM Visitors may meet the students outside the hostel after gaining permission from the Warden/Only Visitors approved by the parents are permitted to visit students Visitors are entertained in the Visiting Room only. No visitor is allowed inside the Bed room or other rooms. Students are not allowed to meet the visitors in the hospital wards, on the road of in the hostel premises. If they need to be entertained for emergency matters during clinical experience of class periods meet them only in the college or hostel parlor after getting permission from the Class Co-coordinator or Principal/Vice Principal.

5. Students once admitted in the hostel may be permitted to withdraw from the hostel only with a written to the Principal through proper channel and that the reason for the withdrawal is genuine and not in anyway affects the study of the students in the College.

6. The students are not permitted to shift to another room other than the one assigned to them. Warden may also reallocate the rooms as found necessary at any time during the course.

7. Students are not permitted to use their own Motor Vehicle in the Hostel Campus unless permitted by the Warden

8. Out pass / home pass

1. Outings are allowed only once in a week, (on Sunday 8.30 am to 4 p.m) with the permission of Matron will accompany the students where ever they go.

2. Students are not permitted to go outside the campus without prior permission of the Principal/class co-coordinator

3. Students should write the particulars in the application and obtain permission from the Principal one day prior to going out. On return they should report to the Warden and sign the out application which should be countersigned by Warden.

4. Students are permitted to go home once in a month

a) Students who wish to go home should get permission from the Principal at least one day earlier and should write in the application.

b) Students should produce a letter from the parents / local guardian stating the date and time of arrival and departure from home.

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